Text::UnicodeBox - Text box drawing using the Unicode box symbols


  use Text::UnicodeBox;
  use Text::UnicodeBox::Control qw(:all);
  my $box = Text::UnicodeBox->new();
    BOX_START( style => 'double', top => 'double', bottom => 'double' ), '   ', BOX_END(),
    '    ',
    BOX_START( style => 'heavy', top => 'heavy', bottom => 'heavy' ), '   ', BOX_END()
  print $box->render();

  # Renders:
  # ╔═══╗    ┏━━━┓
  # ║   ║    ┃   ┃
  # ╚═══╝    ┗━━━┛


Text::UnicodeBox is a low level box drawing interface. You'll most likely want to use one of the higher level modules such as Text::UnicodeBox::Table.

The unicode box symbol table ( is a fairly robust set of symbols that allow you to draw lines and boxes with monospaced fonts. This module allows you to focus on the content of the boxes you need to draw and mostly ignore how to draw a good looking box with proper connections between all the lines.

The low level approach is line-based. A box object is created, add_line is called for each line of content you'd like to render, and render is called to complete the box.

Output is built up over time, which allows you to stream the output rather then buffering it and printing it in one go.


new (%params)

Create a new instance. Provide arguments as a list. Valid arguments are:

whitespace_character (default: ' ')

When the box renderer needs to pad the output of the interstitial lines of output, this character will be used. Defaults to a simple space.


Provide a subroutine which will be used instead of the "fetch_box_character" in Text::UnicodeBox::Utility. This allows the user granular control over what symbols will be used for box drawing. The subroutine will be called with a hash with any or all of the following keys: 'left', 'right', up', 'down', 'vertical' or 'horizontal'. The value of each will be either '1' (default style), 'light', 'heavy', 'single' or 'double'.

Return a single width character or return undefined and a '?' will be used for rendering.


Return the current buffer of rendered text.

add_line (@parts)

Pass a list of parts for a rendered line of output. You may pass either a string, a Text::UnicodeBox::Control or a Text::UnicodeBox::Text object. Strings will be transformed into the latter. The line will be rendered to the buffer.


Complete the rendering of the box, drawing any final lines needed to close up the drawing.

Returns the buffer


This module is being developed via a git repository publicly avaiable at I encourage anyone who is interested to fork my code and contribute bug fixes or new features, or just have fun and be creative.


Copyright (c) 2012 Eric Waters and Shutterstock Images ( All rights reserved. This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.

The full text of the license can be found in the LICENSE file included with this module.


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