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Text::ZPL - Encode and decode ZeroMQ Property Language


  # Decode ZPL to a HASH:
  my $data = decode_zpl( $zpl_text );

  # Encode a HASH to ZPL text:
  my $zpl = encode_zpl( $data );

  # From a shell; examine the Perl representation of a ZPL document:
  sh$ zpl_to_pl my_config.zpl


An implementation of the ZeroMQ Property Language, a simple ASCII configuration file format; see for details.

Exports two functions by default: "decode_zpl" and "encode_zpl". This module uses Exporter::Tiny to export functions, which allows for flexible import options; see the Exporter::Tiny documentation for details.

As a simple example, a ZPL file as such:

  # This is my conf.
  # There are many like it, but this one is mine.
  confname = "My Config"

      iothreads = 1

          bind = tcp://eth0:5550
          bind = tcp://eth0:5551
          connect = tcp://

... results in a structure like:

    confname => "My Config",
    context => { iothreads => '1' },
    main => {
      subscriber => {
        connect => 'tcp://'
      publisher => {
        bind => [ 'tcp://eth0:5550', 'tcp://eth0:5551' ]


Given a string of ZPL-encoded text, returns an appropriate Perl HASH; an exception is thrown if invalid input is encountered.

(See Text::ZPL::Stream for a streaming interface.)


Given a Perl HASH, returns an appropriate ZPL-encoded text string; an exception is thrown if the data given cannot be represented in ZPL (see "CAVEATS").


A blessed object can provide a TO_ZPL method that will supply a plain HASH or ARRAY (but see "CAVEATS") to the encoder:

  # Shallow-clone this object's backing hash, for example:
  sub TO_ZPL {
    my $self = shift;
    +{ %$self }


Not all Perl data structures can be represented in ZPL; specifically, deeply-nested structures in an ARRAY will throw an exception:

  # Simple list is OK:
  encode_zpl(+{ list => [ 1 .. 3 ] });
  #  -> list: 1
  #     list: 2
  #     list: 3
  # Deeply nested is not representable:
    list => [
      list2 => [1 .. 3]
  #  -> dies

Encoding skips empty lists (ARRAY references).

(The spec is unclear on all this; issues welcome via RT or GitHub!)


The Text::ZPL::Stream module for processing ZPL piecemeal.

The bundled zpl_to_pl script for examining parsed ZPL.


Jon Portnoy <>