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Tickit::Widget::Menu - display a menu of choices


   use Tickit;
   use Tickit::Widget::Menu;

   my $tickit = Tickit->new;

   my $menu = Tickit::Widget::Menu->new(
      items => [
            name => "Exit",
            on_activate => sub { $tickit->stop }

   $menu->popup( $tickit->rootwin, 5, 5 );



This widget class acts as a display container for a list of items representing individual choices. It can be displayed as a floating window using the popup method, or attached to a Tickit::Widget::MenuBar or as a child menu within another Tickit::Widget::Menu.

This widget is intended to be displayed transiently, either as a pop-up menu over some other widget, or as a child menu of another menu or an instance of a menu bar. Specifically, such objects should not be directly added to container widgets.


The default style pen is used as the widget pen. The following style pen prefixes are also used:

highlight => PEN

The pen used to highlight the active menu selection

The following style actions are used:

highlight_next (<Down>)
highlight_prev (<Up>)

Highlight the next or previous item

activate (<Enter>)

Activate the highlighted item

dismiss (<Escape>)

Dismiss the menu



   $menu = Tickit::Widget::Menu->new( %args )

Constructs a new Tickit::Widget::Menu object.

Takes the following named arguments:

name => STRING

Optional. If present, gives the name of the menu item for a submenu. Not used in a top-level menu.

items => ARRAY

Optional. If present, contains a list of Tickit::Widget::Menu::Item or Tickit::Widget::Menu objects to add to the menu. Equivalent to passing each to the push_item method after construction.


   $separator = Tickit::Window::Menu->separator

Returns a special menu item which draws a separation line between its neighbours.



   $name = $menu->name

Returns the string name for the menu.


   @items = $menu->items

Returns the list of items currently stored.


   $menu->push_item( $item )

Adds another item.

Each item may either be created using Tickit::Window::Menu::Item's constructor, another Tickit::Widget::Menu item itself (to create a submenu), or the special separator value.


   $menu->highlight_item( $idx )

Gives the selection highlight to the item at the given index. This may be called before the menu is actually displayed in order to pre-select the highlight initially.

   $menu->popup( $win, $line, $col )

Makes the menu appear at the given position relative to the given window. Note that as $win->make_popup is called, the menu is always displayed in a popup window, floating over the root window. Passed window is used simply as the origin for the given line and column position.



Hides a menu previously displayed using popup.


Paul Evans <>