Tickit::Widget::Scroller::Item::Text - add static text to a Scroller


   use Tickit::Widget::Scroller;
   use Tickit::Widget::Scroller::Item::Text;

   my $scroller = Tickit::Widget::Scroller->new;

      Tickit::Widget::Scroller::Item::Text->new( "Hello world" )


This implementation of Tickit::Widget::Scroller::Item displays a simple static piece of text. It will be wrapped on whitespace (characters matching the /\s/ regexp pattern).



   $item = Tickit::Widget::Scroller::Item::Text->new( $text, %opts )

Constructs a new text item, containing the given string of text. Once constructed, the item is immutable.

The following options are recognised in %opts:

indent => INT

If the text item needs to wrap, indent the second and subsequent lines by this amount. Does not apply to the first line.

margin_left => INT
margin_right => INT

Since version 0.30.

A number of columns to leave blank at the left and right edge of the item. This applies outside of any additional space added by indent.

margin => INT

Since version 0.30.

Shortcut to setting both margin_left and margin_right to the same value.

pen => Tickit::Pen

A pen to set for rendering the item, including erasing its background. This will not be set while erasing area required for its margin.



   @chunks = $item->chunks

Returns the chunks of text displayed by this item. Each chunk is represented by an ARRAY reference of three fields, giving the text string, its width in columns, and various options

   [ $text, $width, %opts ]

Recognised options are:

pen => Tickit::Pen

Pen to render the chunk with.

linebreak => BOOL

If true, force a linebreak after this chunk; the next one starts on the following line.


Paul Evans <>