Paul Evans


Tickit::Widget::SegmentDisplay - show a single character like a segmented display


This class provides a widget that immitates a segmented LED or LCD display. It shows a single character by lighting or shading fixed rectangular bars.


The default style pen is used as the widget pen, though only the background colour will actually matter as the widget does not directly display text.

The following style keys are used:

lit => COLOUR
unlit => COLOUR

Colour descriptions (index or name) for the lit and unlight segments of the display.


$segmentdisplay = Tickit::Widget::SegmentDisplay->new( %args )

Constructs a new Tickit::Widget::SegmentDisplay object.

Takes the following named arguments

value => STR

Sets an initial value.

type => STR

The type of display. Supported types are:


A 7-segment bar display


A 7-segment bar display with decimal-point. To light the decimal point, append the value with ".".


A static :


A unit or prefix symbol character. The following characters are recognised

  V A W Ω
  M k m µ

Each will be drawn in a style approximately to fit the general LED shape display, by drawing lines of erased cells. Note however that some more intricate shapes may not be very visible on smaller scales.


$value = $segmentdisplay->value

$segmentdisplay->set_value( $value )

Return or set the character on display


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