Tie::Config - class definitions for tied hashes config file reading


  use Tie::Config;
  tie %hash, 'Tie::Config', ".foo_rc", O_RDWR;


Tied config file reader


  use Tie::Config;
  tie %hash, 'Tie::Config', ".foo_rc", O_RDWR;
    print $hash{'key'};
    $hash{'key'} = "newvalue";
  untie %hash;

Comments is handled internal and is wroted at the top of the file. If ommited access mode default is O_RDONLY ( read only access ). Currently supported mode is only O_RDONLY and O_RDWR.

If config file is changed between tie and untie by other proces, any changes will be lost.


Copyright 2000 Jan 'Kozo' Vajda <>. All rights reserved. It may be used and modified freely, but I do request that this copyright notice remain attached to the file. You may modify this module as you wish, but if you redistribute a modified version, please attach a note listing the modifications you have made.

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perl(1), perltie(1), Tie::Hash(3)