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Tie::OffsetArray - Tie one array to another, with index offset


  use Tie::OffsetArray;

  tie @a, 'Tie::OffsetArray', 1, \@b; # offset=1; use given array.

  tie @c, 'Tie::OffsetArray', 2;      # use anonymous array.

  $a[0] = 'x';                        # assign to $b[1];

  tied(@a)->array->[0] = 'y';         # assign to $b[0].


When tied to this class, an array's behavior is completely normal. For its internal storage, it uses another array, either one supplied by the caller, or a new anonymous one. Accesses to the tied array are mapped down to the storage array by offsetting the index by some constant amount.

A special method on the tied object returns a reference to the storage array, so that the elements below the offset can be accessed. This is particularly useful if the storage array was not supplied by the caller.

AUTHOR (John Porter)


This is free software. This software may be modified and distributed under the same terms as Perl itself.