Time::TT::InterpolatingRealisation - TT realised by interpolation


        use Time::TT::InterpolatingRealisation;

        $rln = Time::TT::InterpolatingRealisation->new($interpolator);

        $tai_instant = $rln->to_tai($instant);
        $instant = $rln->from_tai($tai_instant);
        $rln1_instant = $rln0->to_realisation($rln1, $rln0_instant);
        $rln0_instant = $rln0->from_realisation($rln1, $rln1_instant);


This class implements a realisation of Terrestrial Time (TT) by interpolation between known points of correlation between the realisation and International Atomic Time (TAI). See Time::TT::Realisation for the interface.


Normally one won't use this constructor directly. See the tt_realisation function in Time::TT, which will construct a range of published realisations, most of which are implemented using this class. Use this directly only if the realisation that you desire is not available by that means.


Constructs and returns an object representing a realisation of TT that is defined by isolated points of correlation between it and TAI. The INTERPOLATOR argument must be an object of a subclass of Math::Interpolator, supplying the x and y methods. The x coordinate of the interpolator's curve must represent TAI, and the y coordinate the realisation of interest. Times on both coordinates are represented as the number of seconds since the 1958 epoch, as described in Time::TT. All numbers must be Math::BigRat objects.

The class Time::TT::OffsetKnot may be useful in building the required interpolator.



These methods are part of the standard Time::TT::Realisation interface.


Math::BigRat, Math::Interpolator, Time::TT, Time::TT::OffsetKnot, Time::TT::Realisation


Andrew Main (Zefram) <>


Copyright (C) 2006, 2007, 2010, 2012 Andrew Main (Zefram) <>


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