Tk::CornerBox - a geometry manager for scaling two subwidgets


    use Tk;

    use Tk::CornerBox;

    my $l_MainWindow = MainWindow->new();

    my $l_Corner = $l_MainWindow->CornerBox();

        '-width' => 20,
        '-height' => 20,
        '-relx' => 1,
        '-rely' => 1,
        '-anchor' => 'se',
        '-x' => -3,
        '-y' => -3,



The CornerBox is a simple textured widget that allows you to resize the window its in by dragging it. You use it by creating one in the regular Tk manner and (preferably) packing or placing it in the lower right corner of your window. It is frame derived and should act accordingly.


Damion K. Wilson,

Based on the little corner drag widget that you see all over the place.

Hey, I know it's a M$oft thingy but I've got to integrate my Perl/Tk apps into that environment.


February 1999: Actually started using it

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