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Tk::DatePick - Perl extension for Tk to pick dates


  use Tk::DatePick;
        $datepick = $main->DatePick(
                -text => $currentdate,
                -dateformat => $format,
                -max => $max,
                -min => $min,
                -yeartype => $yeartype,
                -disabled => 'normal',
        $currentdate = $datepick->cget('-text');


This widget is meant to get idiot-proof input of date data in the correct format. The date is not user editable, so the problem of checking the format does not arise.

All options are optional. This works fine:

        $datepick = $main->DatePick()->pack();
        $newdate = $datepick->cget('-text');

The options are:

-text: this is the date fed in by the programmer. Defaults to the current system date.

-dateformat: 0 = dd/mm/yyyy, 1 = mm/dd/yyyy. defaults to 0.

-max, -min: these are strings in the correct date format to specify the range of dates. max defaults to 31/12/2095 and min to 1/1/1905.

-yeartype: 'calyear' sets min to 1st jan and max to 31st dec of the current year specified in the '-text' option. 'finyear' does the same setting the limits to the financial year (1st april to 31st march). If the '-text' option is not set, the system date is taken for determining the current calendar or financial year. If '-yeartype' is set it overrides any settings for '-max' and '-min'.

-status: can be 'disabled' where the user cannot change the date or 'normal' which is the default.


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Unpack the distribution

perl Makefile.PL


make install


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