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Tk::ErrorDump - An alternative to Tk::Error or Tk::ErrorDialog


    use Tk::ErrorDump;

        my $errdlg = $mw->ErrorDump(
                -icon => $my_icon,
                -defaultfile => '*.tkd',
                -dumpcode => \&err_dlg_dump     # dump internal info
                -filtercode => \&filter_dump    # filter dump info
                [ the usual frame options ]

    icon     - an app specific icon for the popup error dialog;
        default is std. Tk icon

    defaultfile - the default filename (maybe wildcarded) used in the
        getSaveFile dialog to create the dump file

    dumpcode - a CODE reference called after an error is intercepted
        and the ErrorDump dialog is presented. It is passed a filehandle
        to which the app can write any app-specific dump information

    filtercode - a CODE reference called before the ErrorDump dialog is 
        presented. It is passed the error message and stack trace, and
        returns them as an array. Intended to provide application
        the opportunity to filter the error info before display.


[ NOTE: This module is derived directly from Tk::ErrorDialog... tho you probably can't tell it anymore ]

An error dialog that traps Tk errors, then displays the error and stack trace in a ROText widget, and gives the user the opportunity to save that information in a file. In addition, the application can provide a callback which is invoked after the dialog is presented, and to which the dumpfile handle (if any) is passed, in order for the application to dump any internal diagnostic information, and/or execute cleanup code.





None so far...


Dean Arnold,

Original Tk::ErrorDialog by Stephen O. Lidie, Lehigh University Computing Center. lusol@Lehigh.EDU


December 29, 2003 : Converted from Tk::ErrorDialog

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