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Tk::FullKeypad - A full alphanumeric keypad widget


    my $e = $mw->Entry(...)->pack;   # Some entry widget
    my $kp = $mw->FullKeypad(-entry => $e)->pack;  # This keypad


A full US keyboard as a keypad. This is useful for touchscreen or kiosk applications where access to a real keyboard won't be available.

The keypad is arranged as follows (this is a rough approximation, it looks better when rendered):

    ~` !1 @2 #3 $4 %5 ^6 &7 *8 (9 )0 _- += Backspace Delete
        Q  W  E  R  T  Y  U  I  O  P {[ }] |\         <--
    Caps A  S  D  F  G  H  J  K  L :; "'       Enter  -->
          Z  X  C  V  B  N  M  <, >. ?/  Space Shift Clear

The widget is designed to supply values to an Entry widget. Specify the Entry widget with the -entry option.

The Enter key currently does nothing (what should it do?) The Clear key will clear the contents of the associated Entry widget, regardless of if a slectedion is present or not.

The Shift key is "sticky". Press it once to shift to uppercase letters or the characters on the top of the keys; press again to go to lowercase. The key's lable changes from "Shift" to "SHIFT" to indicate the mode.

The Caps Lock key is also sticky. It changes from "Caps Lock" to "CAPS LOCK" to inidicate its mode. When enabled, it inverts the meaning of Shift for the alphabetic keys A thru Z.

The following options/value pairs are supported:


Identifies the associated Tk::Entry widget to be populated or cleared by this keypad.




The individual buttons are advertised as "KP" + the button label For example, KPA KPB ... KPZ KP. KP, KP; K KP and so on. For the specialty keys: Clear KPClear Left Arrow KPLeft Right Arrow KPRight Delete KPDel Backspace KPBack Shift KPShift Space KPSpace and also "KP " Enter KPEnter Caps Lock KPCaps


Steve (at) HauntedMines (dot) org

Copyright (C) 2010. Steve Roscio. All rights reserved.

This program is free software, you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.



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