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Tk::IDEdragDrop - Tk::DragDrop subclass for IDE Drag/Drop Behavior


This is a Tk::DragDrop derived widget with some additional features:

  • The widget responds to button-release events when dragged outside the Tk window.

    For example, dragging a target outside the Tk window (e.g. onto the desktop) and releasing the mouse button doesn't leave the the Drag-Drop token in limbo, like the parent class.

    This feature is needed for the IDE so that windows can be dragged outside the main window (onto the desktop) and be reparented to a top-level window. (e.g. tabs from IDEtabFrame widget can be dragged to the desktop to become top-level windows).


Usage is the same as normal Tk drag/drop usage, except when creating the Drag-Drop Token, use:

 use Tk::IDEdragDrop;
 my $dragToken = $widget->IDEdragDrop( ... );