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Tk::MsgBox - create and manipulate a message dialog


    use Tk::MsgBox
    $d = $top->MsgBox(-title => "Title", -type => "okcancel");
    $button = $d->Show;


MsgBox is a simple dialog with predefined buttons.


The options recognized by MsgBox are as follows:


Specify the icon of the MsgBox. Valid values are error, info, question, or warning.


Specify the type of the MsgBox. Valid values are abortretryignore, ok, okcancel, retrycancel, yesno, or yesnocancel. The type determines the buttons to be shown.


Specify the default button. This must be one of abort, retry, ignore, ok, cancel, yes, or no, depending on the type of the MsgBox previously specified.


Specify text for the detail region of the MsgBox.


Specify the message text of the MsgBox.


Specify the title of the MsgBox.


MsgBox supports only one method as of now:


Displays the MsgBox until the user invokes one of the buttons. Returns the name of the button invoked.


Translated from Tcl/Tk by Slaven Rezic

This code is distributed under the same terms as Perl.


Tk::messageBox, Tk::DialogBox, Tk::Dialog.