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NAME directories with FTP.


  require Tk::RemoteFileSelect;

  my $file = $mw -> Tk::RemoteFileSelect( -directory => '.' );


A RemoteFileSelect contains two listboxes that display subdirectories and files, a directory entry and a file name entry, and buttons for each operation, which are labeled with Alt-key accelerators.

When entering a file name, the RemoteFileSelect verifies whether the file already exists. If a file is selected in the listbox, the RemoteFileSelect returns that file's name when the user clicks the 'Accept' button, presses Enter after typing a name in the file entry, or double clicks on a selection in the file list box.

Additionally, if the Net::FTP module is installed, RemoteFileSelect will activate an additional "Host" button on the FileSelect widget, where you can enter the host name, and your user id and password, and select files on the remote host.

If a file name is selected on the local host, then the RemoteFileSelect widget returns the path to the file name, the same as a standard FileSelect widget.

If a file is selected on a remote host, then the RemoteFileSelect widget returns the name in the form:


RemoteFileSelect requires the Net::FTP module to be installed. If it cannot find and load Net::FTP, the RemoteFileSelect widget behaves like a standard FileSelect widget, and the "Host" button is grayed out. was developed with the Net::FTP module distributed with libnet-1.0703, from

All other operations function as in a FileSelect widget. Please refer to the POD documentation.


  First development version.

  $Revision: 0.56 $