Slaven Rezić
and 1 contributors


Tk::Splash - create a splash screen


    BEGIN {
        require Tk::Splash;
        $splash = Tk::Splash->Show($image, $width, $height, $title,
    use Tk;


This module is another way to create a splash screen. It is slower than Tk::FastSplash, but tries to be compatible by using standard Tk methods for creation.

The splash screen is created with the Show function. Supplied arguments are: filename of the displayed image, width and height of the image and the string for the title bar. $width and $height may be left undefined. If $overrideredirect is set to a true value, then the splash screen will come without window manager decoration. If something goes wrong, then Show will silently ignore all errors and continue without a splash screen. The splash screen can be destroyed with the Destroy method, best short before calling MainLoop.

$image should be one of the core Perl/Tk image types (gif, ppm, bmp). For jpegs and pngs, a use Tk::JPEG or use Tk::PNG prior to the call of the Show method would be necessary.


Since displaying the splash screen is done during compile time (if put in a BEGIN block, like the SYNOPSIS example shows), the splash screen will also occur if the script is started using perl's -c (check) switch.


Slaven Rezic <>


Tk::FastSplash, Win32::GUI::SplashScreen.