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Tk::TabFrame - An alternative to the NoteBook widget : a tabbed geometry manager


    use Tk::TabFrame;

    $TabbedFrame = $widget->TabFrame
        -font => '-adobe-times-medium-r-normal--20-*-*-*-*-*-*-*',
        -tabcurve => 2,
        -padx => 5,
        -pady => 5,
        [normal frame options...],

    font     - font for tabs
    tabcurve - curve to use for top corners of tabs
    padx     - padding on either side of children
    pady     - padding above and below children

    $CurrentSelection = $l_Window->cget ('-current');
    $CurrentSelection = $l_Window->cget ('-raised');

    current  - (Readonly) currently selected widget
    raised   - (Readonly) currently selected widget

    $child = $TabbedFrame->Frame # can also be Button, Label, etc
        -caption => 'Tab label',
        -tabcolor => 'yellow',
        [widget options...],

    caption  - label text for the widget's tab
    tabcolor - background for the tab button

Values shown above are defaults.


A tabbed frame geometry manager (like NoteBook). I haven't used NoteBook so I can't really say what behaviour differences or similarities there are. This widget uses direct subwidget creation (no Add methods) and has colors for the tabs.


Damion K. Wilson,


January 28, 1998 : Created

February 2, 1999 : raise/lower semantics changed somehow in Tk800.012. Added explicit lower calls for frame and button reordering.

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