Tk::Zinc::Text - Zinc extension for easing text input on text item or on fields


 use Tk::Zinc::Text;

 $zinc = $mw->Zinc();
 new Tk::Zinc::Text ($zinc);
 $zinc->addtag('text', 'withtag', $a_text);
 $zinc->addtag('text', 'withtag', $a_track);
 $zinc->addtag('text', 'withtag', $a_waypoint);
 $zinc->addtag('text', 'withtag', $a_tabular);


This module implements text input with the mouse and keyboard 'a la emacs'. Text items must have the 'text' tag and must of course be sensitive. Track, waypoint and tabular items have fields and these fields can be edited the same way. Only sensitive fields can be edited. the following interactions are supported:

click 1

To set the cursor position

click 2

To paste the current selection

drag 1

To make a selection

shift drag 1

To extend the current selection

shift 1

To extend the current selection

left arrow, right arrow

To move the cursor to the left or to the right

up arrow, down arrow

To move the cursor up or down a line

ctrl+a, home

To move the cursor at the begining of the line

ctrl+e, end

To move the cursor at the end of the line

meta+<, meta+>

To move the cursor at the beginning / end of the text

BackSpace, ctrl+h

To delete the char just before the cursor


To delete the char just after the cursor


To insert a return char. This does not validate the input!


No known bugs at this time. If you find one, please report them to the authors.


perl(1), Tk(1), Tk::Zinc(3), zinc-demos(1)


Patrick Lecoanet <> (and some documentation by Christophe Mertz <>)


CENA (C) 2002

Tk::Zinc::Text is part of Zinc and has been developed by the CENA (Centres d'Etudes de la Navigation Aérienne) for its own needs in advanced HMI (Human Machine Interfaces or Interactions). Because we are confident in the benefit of free software, the CENA delivered this toolkit under the GNU Library General Public License.

This code is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MER­CHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU Library General Public License for more details.


June 2002 : initial release with Zinc-perl 3.2.6

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