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UML::Sequence - Render UML sequence diagrams, often by running the code.


  use UML::Sequence;

  my $tree = UML::Sequence->new(\@methods, \@outline, \&parse_method);
  print $tree->build_xml_sequence('Title');


To use this package, or see how to use it, see and

This class helps produce UML sequence diagrams. build_xml_sequence returns a string (suitable for printing to a file) which the script converts into svg.

To control the appearance of the sequence diagram, pass to the constructor:

1 a reference to an array containing the signatures you want to hear about or a reference to a hash whose keys are the signatures you want 2 a reference to an array containing the lines in the outline of calls 3 a reference to a sub which takes signatures and returns class and method names

To build the array references and supply the code reference consult UML::Sequence::SimpleSeq, UML::Sequence::JavaSeq, or UML::Sequence::PerlSeq. To see one way to call these look in the supplied genericseq script.


None, this module is object oriented.


Phil Crow, <> Version 0.06 updates by Dean Arnold, <>



Copyright(C) 2003-2006, Philip Crow, all rights reserved.

You may modify and/or redistribute this code in the same manner as Perl itself.