UML::Sequence::PerlOOSeq - helper for showing object instances

SYNOPSIS UML::Sequence::PerlOOSeq methods_file perl_program [args...] > sequence.xml sequence.xml > sequence.svg

OR UML::Sequence::PerlOOSeq methods_file program [args...] | > sequence.svg


Call this method first. Call it through the class (UML::Sequence::PerlOOSeq->grab_outline_text) passing it the methods_file, the program to run, and any args for that program. Returns an outline (suitable for printing or passing on to UML::Sequence).


Call this only after you have called grab_outline. Call it through the class: PerlSeq->grab_methods. Arguments are ignored. Returns a reference to an array listing the methods of interest.


Pass a reference to this method to the SeqOutline constructor. It must accept a method signature and return the class name (in scalar context) or the class and method names in that order (in list context).