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URI::URL - Uniform Resource Locators


 $u1 = URI::URL->new($str, $base);
 $u2 = $u1->abs;


This module is provided for backwards compatibility with modules that depend on the interface provided by the URI::URL class that used to be distributed with the libwww-perl library.

The following differences exist compared to the URI class interface:

  • The URI::URL module exports the url() function as an alternate constructor interface.

  • The constructor takes an optional $base argument. The URI::URL class is a subclass of URI::WithBase.

  • The URI::URL->newlocal class method is the same as URI::file->new_abs.

  • URI::URL::strict(1)

  • $url->print_on method

  • $url->crack method

  • $url->full_path: same as ($uri->abs_path || "/")

  • $url->netloc: same as $uri->authority

  • $url->epath, $url->equery: same as $uri->path, $uri->query

  • $url->path and $url->query pass unescaped strings.

  • $url->path_components: same as $uri->path_segments (if you don't consider path segment parameters)

  • $url->params and $url->eparams methods

  • $url->base method. See URI::WithBase.

  • $url->abs and $url->rel have an optional $base argument. See URI::WithBase.

  • $url->frag: same as $uri->fragment

  • $url->keywords: same as $uri->query_keywords

  • $url->localpath and friends map to $uri->file.

  • $url->address and $url->encoded822addr: same as $uri->to for mailto URI

  • $url->groupart method for news URI

  • $url->article: same as $uri->message


URI, URI::WithBase


Copyright 1998-2000 Gisle Aas.