Unix::Process - Perl extension to get pid info from (/bin/ps).


  use Unix::Process;

    my $vsz = Unix::Process->vsz($$);
    my $pid = Unix::Process->pid;


All fields from the ps command can be fetched by calling a function of their name (see SYNOPSIS). If the pid is not given as an argument to the function, $$ (cur pid) is assumed.

This module is really just a giant AUTOLOAD to interact with the /bin/ps command. I suppose I could be talked into doing something real with it some day.

You can manually set the $Unix::Process::PS_PROGRAM = "/opt/bin/ps" by hand, or you can set $ENV{PS_PATH} = "/usr/local/bin/ps", but you must somehow instruct Unix::Process on the location of ps. Otherwise, it will guess "/bin/ps".


Paul Miller <>

I am using this software in my own projects... If you find bugs, please please please let me know. :) Actually, let me know if you find it handy at all. Half the fun of releasing this stuff is knowing that people use it.


Copyright (c) 2007-2009 Paul Miller -- LGPL


perl(1), ps