Util::Underscore::References - Functions for introspecting and manipulating references


version v1.4.2


$int = _::ref_addr $reference
$int = _::ref_addr

wrapper for Scalar::Util::refaddr

This is mostly equivalent to the numification of a reference: 0+$ref. However, that fails for objects which have overloaded addition, which is why you should use this function instead.

The ref address denotes identity: two references with the same address are the same object. However, the same address might be reused later, so storing the address is not useful. Use weak references instead.

$reference: the reference to obtain the address of. If omitted, uses $_.

returns: an integer representing ther reference address if the input is any kind of reference (plain reference or object). If the input is not a reference, undef is returned.

$str = _::ref_type $reference
$str = _::ref_type

wrapper for Scalar::Util::reftype

Accesses the type of the bare reference: SCALAR, REF, ARRAY, HASH, CODE, GLOB, REGEXP. Unfortunately, regexes are special, so _::ref_type qr// is REGEXP while ref qr// is Regexp.

$reference: the reference to obtain the type of. If omitted, uses $_.

returns: the type of the reference. For blessed references, this will not be the class, but the type of the blessed reference. If the input is not a reference, undef is returned.

_::ref_weaken $reference

Turns the reference into a weak reference.

wrapper for Scalar::Util::weaken

$reference: the reference to weaken. If omitted, uses $_.

returns: n/a

_::ref_unweaken $reference

Turns a weak reference into a normal reference.

wrapper for Scalar::Util::unweaken

$reference: the reference to unweaken. If omitted, uses $_.

returns: n/a

$bool = _::ref_is_weak $reference
$bool = _::ref_is_weak

Checks whether the given reference is a weak reference.

wrapper for Scalar::Util::isweak

$reference: the reference to check. If omitted, uses $_.

returns: a boolean indicating whether the given $reference was a weak reference.

Type Validation

These are inspired from Params::Util and Data::Util.

The reference validation routines take one argument (or $_) and return a boolean value. They return true when the value is intended to be used as a reference of that kind: either ref_type $arg is of the requested type, or it is an overloaded object that can be used as a reference of that kind. It will not be checked that an object claims to perform an appropriate role (e.g. $arg->DOES('ARRAY')).

  • _::is_ref (any nonblessed reference)

  • _::is_scalar_ref (also references to references)

  • _::is_array_ref

  • _::is_hash_ref

  • _::is_code_ref

  • _::is_glob_ref

  • _::is_regex (note that regexes are blessed objects, not plain references)


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