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Verity::Collection - interface to a local Verity collection.


  use Verity::Collection;

  my $v = Verity::Collection->new(collection => '/foo/bar/baz',
                                  binaries => '/verity/bin');


This module assumes that you have a local Verity collection; it's intended to interface to Verity through the local Unix system using mkvdk and rcvdk. At some point in the future it may use XS under the hood to speak to the Verity developers' toolkit, but not for now.


new(collection => $dir, binaries => $dir, verbose => [0|1], warn_on_error => [0|1])

This method makes a new Verity::Collection object in the collection dir using the binaries dir to find Verity tools.

If "verbose" is turned on you'll see the command lines used to talk to Verity. If "warn_on_error" is on you'll get warnings when you do something that won't work.


This method makes a new collection on the filesystem.

insert (%args)

This method adds new data to the collection. Options are:

  • mode - defaults to '', specify 'bulk' if this is a bulk file

  • file - full path of the file to insert into the collection


This method purges all data from the collection. It does *not* delete the collection. See delete() for that.


This method deletes the collection itself on disk.


This method updates the indexes in the collection.


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