Video::Info::Quicktime_PL - pure Perl implementation to extract header info from Quicktime (TM) files.


    use Video::Info::Quicktime;

    my $file = Video::Info::Quicktime_PL->new(-file=>'eg/');
    printf("frame size: %d x %d\n", $file->width, $file->height );
    printf("fps: %d, total length: %d (sec)\n", $file->fps, $file->duration );

    ## some digital cameras which are able to record Quicktime videos
    ## include a preview picture:

    if (length($file->pict)>0) {
        print "Outputing PICT file\n";
        my $oi = 'eg/mov_preview.pict';
        open(O,">$oi") || warn("Couldn't open $oi: $!\n");
        binmode(O);  # set the file to binary mode in working on Windows
        # Image::Magick methods will only recognize this file as 
        # PICT if there exists a leading header of zeros:
        print O "\x00" x 512;
        print O $file->pict;


This module provides cursory access to the header information of Quicktime Movie files. The original motivation for the development of this module was to aid in thumbnail generation for HTML index files. Thus, only a limited amount of information is returned. See the test files for a complete list.

If the Video::OpenQuicktime package is installed, you may consider using Video::Info::Quicktime instead of this module. Based on the OpenQuicktime library, more complete header information is available but at the cost of increased module and library dependancy.


Copyright (c) 2003 Released under the Aladdin Free Public License (see LICENSE for details)

Pure Perl Implementation by W. Scott Hoge <shoge at perl dot org> Hooks for Video::Info access by Allen Day <allenday at ucla dot edu>


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