Definition of Approval

In Approval Voting, voters indicate which Choices they approve of indicating no preference. Approval can be infered from a Ranked Choice Ballot, by treating each ranked Choice as Approved.

Method Approval

Returns a RankCount object for the current Active Set taking an optional argument of an active list as a HashRef.

  my $Approval = $Election->Approval();
  say $Approval->RankTable;

  # to specify the active set
  my $Approval = $Election->Approval( $activeset );

  # to specify a cutoff on Range Ballots
  my $Approval = $Election->Approval( $activeset, $cutoff );

For RCV, Approval respects weighting, 'votevalue' is defaulted to 1 by readballots. Integers or Floating point values may be used.

Method LastApprovalBallots

Returns a hashref of the unweighted raw count from the last Approval operation.

Method NonApproval

The opposite of Approval. Returns a RankCount object for the current Active Set of the non-exhausted ballots not supporting a choice. It does not have the option to provide an Active Set. Only available for Ranked Ballots.

Cutoff (Range Ballots Only)

When counting Approval on Range Ballots an optional cutoff value may be provided as a second argument to the Approval Method. When doing so the Active Set argument must be provided. The Cutoff value is a score below which the ballot is considered to not approve of the choice.

When counting Approval on Range Ballots it is appropriate to set a threshold below which a choice is not considered to be supported by the voter, but indicated to represent a preference to even lower or unranked choices.

For Ranked Ballots the equivalent would be to provide a 'Nuetral Preference', for voters to indicate that any choices ranked lower should not be considered approved. This is not presently implemented, but may be at some point in the future.



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