Win-Loss Matrix

Condorcet Pairwise Methods require a Win-Loss Matrix. This object takes an RCV BallotSet with an optional Active list and returns the Matrix as an object. The object is capable of Scoring itself, Calculating a Smith Set, and identifying Condorcet Winners and Losers.


 my $Matrix =
     'BallotSet' => $myVoteCount->BallotSet() );
   my $Scores = $Matrix->ScoreMatrix();
   my %DominantSet = $Matrix->SmithSet()->%*;
   my $CondorcetWinner = $Matrix->CondorcetWinner();

Tie Breakers

A tie breaker may be specified by setting the Tie::Breaker attribute, see the Tie::Breaker module for more information. If using Range Ballots 'none' and 'approval' are the only currently supported options.



BallotSet (required)

A Ballot Set reference as generated by ReadBallots, which can be retrieved from a Vote::Count object via the ->BallotSet() method.

Both Ranked Choice and Range BallotSets are supported.

Active (optional)

A hash reference with active choices as the keys. The default value is all of the choices defined in the BallotSet.

Logging (optional)

Has the logging methods of L.



Returns a MarkDown formatted table with the wins losses and ties for each Active Choice as text.


Returns a MarkDown formatted table with the votes for all of the pairings.

GetPairResult ( $A, $B )

Returns the results of the pairing of two choices as a hashref.

    'FUDGESWIRL' =>  6,
    'loser'      =>  "STRAWBERRY",
    'margin'     =>  2,
    'STRAWBERRY' =>  4,
    'tie'        =>  0,
    'winner'     =>  "FUDGESWIRL"

GetPairWinner ( $A, $B )

Returns the winner of the pairing of two choices. If there is no Winner it returns a false value (empty string).


Returns a HashRef of the choices and their Matrix Scores. The scoring is 1 for each win, 0 for losses and ties. In the event a choice has ties but no wins their score will be .001. Where N is the number of choices, a Condorcet Winner will have a score of N-1, a Condorcet Loser will have a score of 0. Since a choice with at least one tie but no wins is not defeated by all other choices they are not a Condorcet Loser, and thus those cases are scored with a near to zero value instead of 0. Methods that wish to treat no wins but tie case as a Condorcet Loser may test for a score less than 1.


Returns the ScoreMatrix as a markdown compatible table.


Returns an array of the choice or choices with the fewest wins.


Eliminates all Condorcet Losers from the Matrix Object's Active list. Returns a hashref. Takes an optional true false argument (default is false) to include choices that have tied but not won in the elimination.

     verbose => 'verbose message',
     terse   => 'terse message',
     eliminated => [ eliminated choices ],
     eliminations => number of eliminated choices,


Returns either the Condorcet Winner or an empty string if there is none.


Finds the innermost Smith Set (Dominant Set). [ assistance in finding proof of the algorithm used would be appreciated so it could be correctly referenced in this documentation ]. A Dominant Set is a set which defeats all choices outside of that set. The inner Smith Set is the smallest possible Dominant Set.

Returns a hashref with the keys as the choices of the Smith Set.


Reset Active list to the choices list of the BallotSet.


Returns the greatest loss for a choice $MyMatrix->GreatestLoss( $A ).


Returns a RankCount object of the Greatest Loss for each choice.



John Karr (BRAINBUZ)


Copyright 2019-2021 by John Karr (BRAINBUZ)


This module is released under the GNU Public License Version 3. See license file for details. For more information on this license visit


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