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WML::Card - Perl extension for builiding WML Cards according to the browser being used.


use WML::Card;

my $options= [ ['Option 1', 'http://...'], ['Option 2', 'http://...'], ];

my $c = WML::Card->guess('index','Wap Site'); $c->link_list('indice', undef, 0, $options, $options); $c->print;


This perl library simplifies the creation of WML cards on the fly. It produces the most suitable wml code for the browser requesting the card. In this way the one building the cards does not have to worry about the differences in how each wap browser displays the wml code. In combination wht WML::Deck it provides functionality to build WAP applications.


$card = WML::Card->guess( $id, $title, [$user_agent] );

This class method constructs a new WML::Card object. The first argument defines the WML card's id and the second argument its title. The if the third argument is not defined, the value is obtained from $ENV{'HTTP_USER_AGENT'}.

$c->buttons($label, $type, $task, $href)
$c->table ($data, $title, $offset, $pager, @headers)
$c->value_list($name, $listtitle, $offset,$pager,$data)

The variable $data is an array reference like: my $menu_items= [ ['Option 1', 'http://...'], ['Option 2', 'http://...'], ];

The variable $pager is the number of items wanted to be displayed in each card.

$c->img($file, $alt)
$c->input($label, $text, $name, $format, $type, $size, $target, $arg);
$c->link($target, $text);


Mariana Alvaro

Copyright 2000 Mariana Alvaro. All rights reserved. This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.



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