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WML::Deck - Perl extension for builiding WML Decks.


use WML::Card;

use WML::Deck;

my @cards;

my $options= [ ['Option 1', 'http://...'], ['Option 2', 'http://...'],


my $c = WML::Card->guess('index','Wap Site'); $c->link_list('indice', undef, 0, $options, $options); push @cards, $c;

# Build the deck my $wml = WML::Deck->new(@cards); $wml->return_cgi;


This perl library simplifies the creation of WML decks on the fly. In combination with WML::Card it provides functionality to build WML code for cards and decks.


$wml = WML::Deck->new(@cards);

This class method constructs a new WML::Deck object. The first argument is an array of WML::Card objects.


This class methos specifies the max-age argument for Cache-Control


This method prints wml code and HTTP headers for the deck.


Mariana Alvaro

Copyright 2000 Mariana Alvaro. All rights reserved. This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.



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