Graham Bell
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WWW::Crab::Client - Crab client library


  use WWW::Crab::Client;

  my $crab = new WWW::Crab::Client();

  my $start_response = eval {

  # Check for "inhibit" flag (optional).
  if ($start_response and $start_response->{'inhibit'}) {
      eval {
          $crab->finish(status => WWW::Crab::Client::INHIBITED);

  # Perform the cron job actions ...

  my $finished_ok = eval {
      $crab->finish(status => WWW::Crab::Client::SUCCESS, stdout => $message);
  unless ($finished_ok) {
      print "Failed to report job completion.\n" . $@ . "\n" . $message;


This module implements a subset of the Crab protocol sufficient for reporting the status of a cron job to the Crab server. It is intended to work similarly to the Python Crab client module, but be more convient for cron jobs written in Perl.



Constructs a new client object. All parameters are optional. If no job identifier is given, then a null value is sent to the server. If the command is unspecified, $0 will be used. No communication is performed until the start or finish methods are called.

  my $crab = new WWW::Crab::Client(id       => 'job identifier',
                                   command  => 'command name',
                                   server   => 'localhost',
                                   port     => 8000,
                                   hostname => 'localhost',
                                   username => 'username',
                                   timeout  => 30);

If the other settings are not specified, the Crab settings files will be read, the CRABHOST and CRABPORT environment variables will be checked, or defaults will be used.



Reports that the job has started.


This method uses "die" to raise an exception if it is unsuccessful in reporting to the Crab server.

Returns the decoded server response on success, which make include an "inhibit" hash key.


Reports that the job has finished. If the status is not specified, UNKNOWN will be sent.

  $crab->finish(status => WWW::Crab::Client::SUCCESS,
                stdout => $command_output,
                stderr => $error_message);

The following constants are defined in this module, and should be used to obtain the appropriate Crab status codes:


This method uses "die" to raise an exception if it is unsuccessful in reporting to the Crab server.

Returns a true value on success.


Graham Bell <>


Copyright (C) 2012-2013 Science and Technology Facilities Council. Copyright (C) 2016 East Asian Observatory.

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