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        use WWW::LetsEncrypt::JWK::RSA;
        use WWW::LetsEncrypt::Message::Registration;

        my $JWK = WWW::LetsEncrypt::JWK::RSA->new({

        my $Message = WWW::LetsEncrypt::Message::Registration->new({
                jwk   => $JWK,
                nonce => 'NONCE VALUE',



This is an unofficial implementation of the ACME protocol that can be used to engage the Let's Encrypt servers. We currently support RSA account keys, and most operations in the API calls. All calls are made via LWP (or something close enough to it). This is just the communication layer between a server and the Let's Encrypt's CA. You will need to implement actually putting the challenge information where it needs to go.

Currently, only the computation of the HTTP-01 challenge is supported, but we should be adding dns-01 support soon.

This code is not endorsed in any way by Let's Encrypt, the ISGR, or any company that is affiliated with Let's Encrypt.

Please use github for any bugs or requests.


Michael Ballard


Copyright (C) 2015, 2016 DreamHost


These modules are free software; and can be redistributed/modified under the terms of the GPLv3.