WWW::Mechanize::FormFiller::Value::Keep - Leave an HTML field alone


  use WWW::Mechanize::FormFiller;
  use WWW::Mechanize::FormFiller::Value::Keep;

  my $f = WWW::Mechanize::FormFiller->new();

  # Leave the login field untouched
  my $login = WWW::Mechanize::FormFiller::Value::Keep->new( 'login' );
  $f->add_value( login => $login );

  # Alternatively take the following shorthand, which adds the
  # field to the list as well :
  my $sessionid = $f->add_filler( session => 'Keep' );


This class provides a way to keep a value in an HTML field.

new NAME

Creates a new value which will correspond to the HTML field NAME.

name [NEWNAME]

Gets and sets the name of the HTML field this value corresponds to.

value FIELD

Returns whatever FIELD-value()> returns.


None by default.

This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.

Copyright (C) 2002,2003 Max Maischein


Max Maischein, <>

Please contact me if you find bugs or otherwise improve the module. More tests are also very welcome !


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