Andrew Rodland
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WWW::MenuGrinder::Plugin::ActivePath - WWW::MenuGrinder plugin that finds a path to the currently active page.


version 0.06


WWW::MenuGrinder::Plugin::ActivePath is a plugin for WWW::MenuGrinder. You should not use it directly, but include it in the plugins section of a WWW::MenuGrinder config.

When loaded, this plugin will visit each item of the menu, comparing any item with a location attribute to the current URL path. The item that best matches the current path will have its active key set to "yes", and each of its ancestors will have its active key set to "child".


  • active_child_ref

    Boolean (default: false). If set to a true value, items with active="child" will also have a key active_child, which is a reference to its child which is active.

Required Methods

In order to load this plugin your WWW::MenuGrinder subclass must implement the method path returning a path name for the current request.

Other Considerations

It's advisable to load this plugin after any plugins that may remove items from the menu, to ensure that the chain of active items is unbroken.


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