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WWW::MenuGrinder::Plugin::Localize - WWW::MenuGrinder plugin for multilingual support


version 0.06


WWW::MenuGrinder::Plugin::Localize is a plugin for WWW::MenuGrinder. You should not use it directly, but include it in the plugins section of a WWW::MenuGrinder config.

When loaded, this plugin will interrogate the application for the current display language and attempt to use localized versions of various fields if they are available. For example, if the application reports a language of 'es', and a menu item has a field 'label-es', its value will be placed into the field 'label'. If a localized value isn't provided for a given field, no change is made, allowing for defaults.


  • localize_fields

    An arrayref containing the names of menu keys to localize. Defaults to ['label'].

  • separator

    A string indicating the separator between field name and language; for instance the localized version of "label" is "label-es" if the separator is "-". Defaults to "-" but users of non-XML file formats might prefer ":" or ";".

Required Methods

In order to load this plugin your WWW::MenuGrinder subclass must implement the method get_language returning a string indicating the display language for this request.


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