Andrew Rodland
and 1 contributors


WWW::MenuGrinder::Role::ItemMogrifier - WWW::MenuGrinder role for plugins that modify menus item-by-item per request.


version 0.06



Returns a list of the methods that your plugin provides as an ItemMogrifier. Each method on this list will be executed on each item of the menu tree, and if a plugin provides more than one item mogrify method, each will be called on a separate complete pass over the tree, enabling two-phase processing. If you do not override item_mogrifiy_methods your plugin is assumed to provide one method, named item_mogrify.


Is called on each item of the menu tree, in postorder. May modify $item in-place or modify it by copying; either way the new $item should be returned. If () is returned instead, the item (and all of its children) are removed from the menu.


Andrew Rodland <>


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