WWW::Scraper::F1 - Use race data seamlessly in perl.

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   use WWW::Scraper:F1;

   my $top      = get_top_championship( { length => 5 } );
   my $upcoming = get_upcoming_race();



This functions retrieves the current championship. It returns a reference to an array of hashes. By default it returns the top 5 drivers like this.

       { name => "Sebastian Vettel" , points => 55 , team => "Red Bull Racing" }
       { name => "Fernando Alonso"  , points => 40 , team => "Ferrari" }

You can specify options via a hash reference get_top_chamionship( {length => 3} )


This function returns a reference to a hash. The hash elements contain information about the upcoming race. The hash looks like this:

     'country'    => 'Canada',
     'city'       => 'Montreal',
     'time'       => '10/06/12 20:00:00',
     'countdown'  => '7 days 21 hours'

You can specify options via a hash refernce, get_upcoming_rac( { cache => 0 } ) Available options:


Set this to 0, to not use the internal cache mechanism. This will disable reading form the cache file, it will still write the results of the call to it.


This module caches the results fetched from for futher use. Since the actual data only changes after a race, it only needs to fetch it again if the cache is older then the previous race.


Freek Kalter


This module is distributed under the same lincense as perl5 itself.