WWW::Velib::Map Process the Velib' map information


This document describes version 0.02 of WWW::Velib::Map, released 2007-11-13.


  use WWW::Velib::Map;




Download a the Velib' map information from the web. The information may be cached locally (see the save method). A previously saved map file may be loaded by specifying it with the file attribute.

  my $map = WWW::Velib::Map->new; # download from the web

  my $m2  = WWW::Velib::Map->new(file => ''); # use local file

In the latter example, the method will croak if the file does not exist or cannot be decoded.


Save the downloaded map information into a local file. The method will croak if the file cannot be written.


Search the station list for the stations that match some criteria. Returns an array of WWW::Velib::Station objects.

Currently, one may search for stations near a given station, limited by either number or distance (in metres). The stations may be queried for current details (availabale bikes and slots).

Search by distance (returns all the stations within n metres):

  my @station = $m->search( station => 1234, distance => 600 );

To obtain the status of each station, use the status attribute:

  my @station = $m->search(
        station  => 2345,
        distance => 500,
        status   => 1,

Search by number (returns the n closest stations):

  my @station = $m->search( station => 1234, n => 4 );

Nota bene: the official map contains many errors. Alternate maps of better quality exist and will be used in a future version.


Returns a reference to a hash of all the stations in the map, keyed by station number.


David Landgren, copyright (C) 2007. All rights reserved.

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This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.