WebFetch::Data::Record - Object for management of WebFetch data records/rows


use WebFetch::Data::Record;

WebFetch::Data::Record-mk_field_accessor( $field_name, ... ); $value = $obj->bynum( $num ); $value = $obj->fieldname; $obj->fieldname( $value ); >


This module provides read-only access to a single record of the WebFetch data.

$value = $obj->bynum( $field_num );

Returns the value of the field located by the field number provided. The first field is numbered 0.

$value = $obj->byname( $field_name );

Returns the value of the named field.

$class->mk_field_accessor( $field_name, ... );

Creates accessor functions for each field name provided.

accessor functions

Accessor functions are created for field names and well-known names as they are defined.

So a field named "title" can be accessed by an object method of the same name, like $obj->title .


WebFetch was written by Ian Kluft Send patches, bug reports, suggestions and questions to


WebFetch, WebFetch::Data::Record

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