WebFetch::Input::Atom - WebFetch input from Atom feeds


This is an input module for WebFetch which accesses an Atom feed. The --source parameter contains the URL of the feed.

From the command line:

perl -w -MWebFetch::Input::Atom -e "&fetch_main" -- --dir directory --source atom-feed-url [...WebFetch output options...]

In perl scripts:

    use WebFetch::Input::Atom;

    my $obj = WebFetch->new(
        "dir" => "/path/to/fetch/workspace",
        "source" => "",
        "source_format" => "atom",
        "dest" => "dump",
        "dest_format" = "/path/to/dump/file",
    $obj->do_actions; # process output
    $obj->save; # save results


This module gets the current headlines from a site-local file.

The --input parameter specifies a file name which contains news to be posted. See "FILE FORMAT" below for details on contents to put in the file. --input may be specified more than once, allowing a single news output to come from more than one input. For example, one file could be manually maintained in CVS or RCS and another could be entered from a web form.

After this runs, the file site_news.html will be created or replaced. If there already was a site_news.html file, it will be moved to Osite_news.html.


Atom is an XML format defined at

WebFetch::Input::Atom uses Perl's XML::Atom::Client to parse Atom feeds.


WebFetch was written by Ian Kluft Send patches, bug reports, suggestions and questions to