WebFetch::Output::TWiki - WebFetch output to TWiki web site


This is an output module for WebFetch which places the data in pages on a TWiki web site. Some of its configuration information is read from a TWiki page. Calling or command-line parameters point to the TWiki page which has the configuration and a search key to locate the correct line in a table.

From the command line...

    perl -w -I$libdir -MWebFetch::Input::Atom -MWebFetch::Output::TWiki -e "&fetch_main" -- --dir "/path/to/fetch/worskspace" --source "" --dest=twiki --twiki_root=/var/www/twiki --config_topic=Feeds.WebFetchConfig --config_key=twiki

From Perl code...

    use WebFetch;

    my $obj = WebFetch->new(
        "dir" => "/path/to/fetch/workspace",
        "source" => "",
        "source_format" => "atom",
        "dest" => "twiki",
        "dest_format" = "twiki",
        "twiki_root" => "/var/www/twiki",
        "config_topic" => "Feeds.WebFetchConfig",
        "config_key" => "twiki",
    $obj->do_actions; # process output
    $obj->save; # save results

configuration from TWiki topic

The configuration information on feeds is kept in a TWiki page. You can specify any page with a web and topic name, for example --config_topic=Feeds.WebFetchConfig .

The contents of that configuration page could look like this, though with any feeds you want to configure. The "Key" field matches the --config_key command-line parameter, and then brings in the rest of the configuration info from that line. An example is shown below.

    The following table is used by !WebFetch to configure news feeds

    %STARTINCLUDE% | *Key* | *Web* | *Parent* | *Prefix* | *Template* | *Form* | *Options* | *Modul e* | *Source* | | ikluft-twitter | Feeds | TwitterIkluftFeed | TwitterIkluft | AtomFeedTemplate | AtomFeedForm | separate_topics | Atom | | | twiki-twitter | Feeds | TwitterTwikiFeed | TwitterTwiki | AtomFeedTemplate | AtomFeedForm | separate_topics | Atom | | | cnn | Feeds | RssCnn | RssCnn | RssFeedTemplate | RssFeedForm | separate_topics | RSS | | %STOPINCLUDE% =back

    The %STARTINCLUDE% and %STOPINCLUDE% are not required. However, if present, they are used as boundaries for the inclusion like in a normal INCLUDE operation on TWiki.

TWiki software

TWiki is a wiki (user-editable web site) with features enabling collaboration in an enterprise environment. It implements the concept of a "structured wiki", allowing structure and automation as needed and retaining the informality of a wiki. Automated input/updates such as from WebFetch::Output::TWiki is one example.

See for the Open Source community-maintained software or for enterprise support.

WebFetch::Output::TWiki was developed for TWiki Inc (formerly TWiki.Net).


WebFetch was written by Ian Kluft Send patches, bug reports, suggestions and questions to


Please report any bugs or feature requests to bug-webfetch-output-twiki at, or through the web interface at I will be notified, and then you'll automatically be notified of progress on your bug as I make changes.



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