WebService::PivotalTracker - Perl library for the Pivotal Tracker REST API


version 0.12


    my $pt =  WebService::PivotalTracker->new(
        token => '...',
    my $story = $pt->story( story_id => 1234 );
    my $me = $pt->me;

    for my $label ( $story->labels ) { }

    for my $comment ( $story->comments ) { }


This is fairly alpha software. The API is likely to change in breaking ways in the future.

This module provides a Perl interface to the REST API V5 for Pivotal Tracker. You will need to refer to the REST API docs for some details, as this documentation does not reproduce the details of every attribute available for a resource.

This class, WebService::PivotalTracker, provides the main entry point for all API calls.


All web requests which return anything other than a success status result in a call to die with a simple string error message. This will probably change to something more useful in the future.

This class provides the following methods:


This creates a new object of this class. It accepts the following arguments:

  • token

    An MD5 access token for Pivotal Tracker. May be provided as a string or something that stringifies to the token.

    This is required.

  • base_uri

    The base URI against which all requests will be made. This defaults to


This method returns an array reference of WebService::PivotalTracker::Project objects, one for each project to which the token provides access.


This method accepts the following arguments:


This method returns a single WebService::PivotalTracker::Story object, if one exists for the given id.

This method accepts the following arguments:

  • story_id

    The id of the story you are querying.

    This is required.


This creates a new story. This method accepts every attribute of a WebService::PivotalTracker::Story object. The project_id and name parameters are required.

It also accepts two additional optional parameters:

  • before_id

    A story ID before which this story should be added.

  • after_id

    A story ID after which this story should be added.

By default the story will be added as the last story in the icebox.


This looks up memberships in a project. It returns an array reference of WebService::PivotalTracker::ProjectMembership objects.

It is useful if you need to discover information about a person who is a member of your project.

The project_id parameter is required.

The sort_by parameter is optional.


This returns a WebService::PivotalTracker::Me object for the user to which the token belongs.


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  • Dave Rolsky <>

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  • William Storey <>


This software is Copyright (c) 2016 - 2020 by MaxMind, Inc.

This is free software, licensed under:

  The Artistic License 2.0 (GPL Compatible)