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WebService::Pocket - Client for the Pocket api (http://getpocket.com/api/)


version 0.003


    use WebService::Pocket;

    my $p = WebService::Pocket->new(
        username => 'throughnothing',
        password => 'secret',

    # Get list of read items as Array of WebService::Pocket::Item objects
    my $items = $p->list( state => 'read' );

    # Add an item
    $p->add({ url => 'http://www.article.com', title => 'My Title' });

    # Add multiple items, returns Array of WebService::Pocket::Item objects
    my $new_items = $p->add([
        { url => 'http://www.article.com' },
        { url => 'http://www.article1.com', title => 'Article1' },
        { url => 'http://www.article2.com', title => 'Best Article' },

    # Get Titles and URL's for new items
    for ( @$new_items ) {
        say $_->title . " : " . $_->url;

    # Update read status of an item
    $items->[0]->state( 0 );

    # Update title of an item
    $items->[0]->title( 'New Title' );

    # Update tags of an item ( replaces all tags with these )
    $items->[0]->tags( [ 'tag1', 'tag2', 'tag3' ] );


This distribution provides an easy interface to the Pocket API. It allows you to add, view and modify your list of items in a very simple way.



The constructor accepts a username and password and validates your credentials with the Pocket API:

    my $p = WebService::Pocket->new(
        username => 'throughnothing',
        password => 'myS3cr3t',


Allows you to add items to your Pocket list. You can add a single item via a simple HashRef:

    my ( $new_item ) = $p->add( { url => 'http://youtube.com/video' } );

Or multiple items via an ArrayRef:

    my $new_items = $p->add([
        { url => 'http://youtube.com/video', title => 'video 1' },
        { url => 'http://youtube.com/video2', title => 'video 2' },

Note that only the url field is required for each added item, but you can set the title as well if you like. The add function will always return an ArrayRef of WebService::Pocket::Item objects if it succeeded.


Allows you to retrieve the list of items in your Pocket account. Returns a list of WebService::Pocket::Item objects.

    my $items = $p->list;

You can pass in any parameters available to the Pocket API Get request.

    # Get only read items, with tags
    $p->list( state = 0, tags => 1 );

    # Get only the first 5 resutls
    $p->list( count => 5, page => 1 );


Stats will return a WebService::Pocket::Stats object, which contains a few statistics about your Pocket account.

    # Get the stats object
    my $stats = $p->stats;

    # How long i've been a user
    say $stats->user_since;

    # How many items in my list total
    say $stats->count_list;

    # How many unread items in my list
    say $stats->count_unread;

    # How many read items in my list
    say $stats->count_read;


William Wolf <throughnothing@gmail.com>


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