WebService::Shutterstock - Easy access to Shutterstock's public API


version 0.006


        my $shutterstock = WebService::Shutterstock->new(
                api_username => 'justme',
                api_key      => 'abcdef1234567890'

        # perform an image search
        my $search = $shutterstock->search( type => 'image', searchterm => 'hummingbird' );

        # or, a video search
        my $videos = $shutterstock->search( type => 'video', searchterm => 'hummingbird' );

        # retrieve results of search
        my $results = $search->results;

        # details about a specific image (lookup by ID)
        my $image = $shutterstock->image( 59915404 );

        # certain actions require credentials for a specific customer account
        my $customer = $shutterstock->auth( username => $customer, password => $password );


This module provides an easy way to interact with the Shutterstock, Inc. API. You will need an API username and key from Shutterstock with the appropriate permissions in order to use this module.

While there are some actions you can perform with this object (as shown under the "METHODS" section), many API operations are done within the context of a specific user/account or a specific subscription. Below are some additional examples of how to use this set of API modules. You will find more examples and documentation in the related modules as well as the examples directory in the source of the distribution.

Licensing and Downloading

Licensing images happens in the context of a WebService::Shutterstock::Customer object. For example:

        my $licensed_image = $customer->license_image(
                image_id => 59915404,
                size     => 'medium'

If you have more than one active subscription, you will need to specify which subscription to license the image under. Please see "license_image" in WebService::Shutterstock::Customer for more details.

Once you have a licensed image, you can then download the image:

        $licensed_image->download(file => '/my/photos/hummingbird.jpg');

Every image licensed under your account (whether through or the API) can be retrieved using the customer object as well:

        my $downloads = $customer->downloads;

Or, you can fetch one "page" (40 items) of downloads. Pages start being numbered at 0.

        my $page_two_of_downloads = $customer->downloads( page_number => 1 );

Or, you can fetch the redownloadable_state of a particular image.

        my $redownloadable_state = $customer->downloads(
                image_id => 11024440,
                field    => "redownloadable_state"


Lightbox retrieval starts with a customer as well but most methods are documented in the WebService::Shutterstock::Lightbox module. Here's a short example:

        my $lightboxes = $customer->lightboxes;
        my($favorites) = grep {$_->name eq 'Favorites'} @$lightboxes;

        my $favorite_images = $favorite->images;


new( api_username => $api_username, api_key => $api_key )

Constructor method, requires both the api_username and api_key parameters be passed in. If you provide invalid values that the API doesn't recognize, the first API call you make will throw an exception

auth(username => $username, password => $password)

Authenticate for a specific customer account. Returns a WebService::Shutterstock::Customer object. If authentication fails, an exception is thrown (see WebService::Shutterstock::Exception and "ERRORS" section for more information).

This is the main entry point for any operation dealing with subscriptions, image licensing, download history or lightboxes.


Returns a list of photo categories (useful for specifying a category_id when searching).


Perform a search. This method assumes you want to search images unless you specify a type parameter as part of the %search_query. Accepts any params documented here: Returns a WebService::Shutterstock::SearchResults object.


Equivalent to calling search with a type parameter of image.


Equivalent to calling search with a type parameter of video.


Performs a lookup on a single image. Returns a WebService::Shutterstock::Image object (or undef if the image doesn't exist).


Performs a lookup on a single video. Returns a WebService::Shutterstock::Video object (or undef if the image doesn't exist).


If an API call fails in an unexpected way, an exception object (see WebService::Shutterstock::Exception) will be thrown. This object should have all the necessary information for you to handle the error if you choose but also stringifies to something informative enough to be useful as well.


Brian Phillips <>


This software is copyright (c) 2012 by Brian Phillips and Shutterstock, Inc. (

This is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as the Perl 5 programming language system itself.