WebService::VaultPress::Partner::Request::Usage - The VaultPress Partner API Client Usage Request Object


version 0.05


  use warnings;
  use strict;
  use lib 'lib';
  use WebService::VaultPress::Partner;
  my $vp = WebService::VaultPress::Partner->new(
      key => 'Your API Key Goes Here',
  my $result = eval { $vp->GetUsage };
  if ( $@ ) {
      print "->GetUsage had an error: $@";
  } else {
      printf( "%7s => %5d\n", $_, $result->$_ ) for qw/ unused basic premium /;
  my @results = $vp->GetHistory;
  if ( $@ ) {
      print "->GetHistory had an error: $@";
  } else {
      for my $res ( @results ) {
      printf( "| %-20s | %-20s | %-30s | %-19s | %-19s | %-7s |\n", $res->fname,
          $res->lname, $res->email, $res->created, $res->redeemed, $res->type );
  # Give Alan Shore a 'Golden Ticket' to VaultPress
  my $ticket = eval { $vp->CreateGoldenTicket(
      fname => 'Alan',
      lname => 'Shore',
      email => '',
  ); };
  if ( $@ ) {
      print "->CreateGoldenTicket had an error: $@";
  } else {
      print "You can sign up for your VaultPress account <a href=\""
          . $ticket->ticket ."\">Here!</a>\n";


This document outlines the methods available through the WebService::VaultPress::Partner::Request::Usage class. You should not instantiate an object of this class yourself when using WebService::VaultPress::Partner, it is created by the arguments to ->GetUsage. Its primary purpose is to use Moose's type and error systems to throw errors when required parameters are not passed.

WebService::VaultPress::Partner is a set of Perl modules which provides a simple and consistent Client API to the VaultPress Partner API. The main focus of the library is to provide classes and functions that allow you to quickly access VaultPress from Perl applications.

The modules consist of the WebService::VaultPress::Partner module itself as well as a handful of WebService::VaultPress::Partner::Request modules as well as a response object, WebService::VaultPress::Partner::Response, that provides consistent error and success methods.


Set By

WebService::VaultPress::Partner->GetUsage( key => value, … )


This key is not required.

Default Value

Unless explicitly set the value for this method is ""

Value Description

This method provides WebService::VaultPress::Partner with the URL which will be used for the API call.


WebService::VaultPress::Partner VaultPress::Partner::Response VaultPress::Partner::Request::History WebService::VaultPress::Partner::Usage


SymKat <>


This is free software licensed under a BSD-Style License. Please see the LICENSE file included in this package for more detailed information.


The latest version of this software is available through GitHub at

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