WebSource::Filter::tests - apply tests to filter xmlnodes


The tests type of filter allows to declare a series of tests and apply them to the input data in order to determine whether or not to send it further on.

The tests are executed in the order of their declaration until one of them matches. They associated action (keep or reject) is taken. By default the action is to keep elements matching the test. If the element does not match any tests it is rejected.

Current existing tests include :

exists : Succeeds if a given XPATH expression returns a result
regexp : Succeeds if a given regular expression matches the input
approx : Succeeds of a given string is approximately found in the input =back


In wsd file...

<ws:filter name="somename" type="tests"> <test type="exists" select"<xpath-expr>" action="keep" /> <test type="regexp" select="<xpath-expr>" match="<regexp>" action="keep"/> <test type="approx" select="<xpath-expr>" match="<pattern>" modifiers="" action="reject" /> ... </ws:filter>



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