WebSource::Format - Format XML Nodes


A format operator allows to prepare its input items for output to the user.

The following formats exist :

string : returns the data as a string
xml : returns the data as XML
select : returns a selected (via the select parameter) meta-information item on the data
details : returns both meta-information and data in an XML format
replace : returns the same data with a given string (find parameter) replaced by an other (replace parameter)

The format attribut of the format declaration allows to determine which format to use. Depending on the format different parameters are available. The parameters are declared using the generic parameters/param elements.

A typical replacement formatting is declared as follows :

  <ws:format name="opname" forward-to="ops" format="replace">
      <param name="find" value="string-to-find" />
      <param name="replace" value="string-to-replace" />