Webservice::InterMine::Parser::JSON - parse rows of JSON results


One of the parsers used to intepret results sent from the webservice.


The following methods implement the Parser interface.

  • header_is_parsed() reports whether the header has been parsed yet. Here, this reports whether the beginning of the JSON object has been seen, and whether the results array is open.

  • parse_header($line) Parse a line from the connection as header information. This method may be called multiple times, depending on the return value of header_is_parsed.

  • parse_line($line) Given a line of text, returns whatever its processor returns. This implementation checks for headers reported in the footer.


Process a parsed json data structure into either a perl structure (which is what it now is), or two different flavours of object.

If this method returns a false value, it indicates that the line parser should return the line as it was received.


inflate( $thing )

Inflates the thing passed in, blessing hashes into Webservice::InterMine::ResultObjects, and recursing through their values, and iterating over arrays.