Win32::ADO - ADO Constants and a couple of helper functions


        use Win32::ADO qw/CheckDBErrors/;


Not much to say. Simply provides all the ADO constants for your use, like in VBScript (or JavaScript). This module is really deprecated in favour of Win32::OLE::Const, and the proper ADO constants. Use that with the following syntax:

        use Win32::OLE::Const;
        my $name = "Microsoft ActiveX Data Objects 2\\.0 Library";
        $ado_consts = Win32::OLE::Const->Load($name)
        || die "Unable to load Win32::OLE::Const ``$name'' ".Win32::OLE->LastError;

And then use $ado_consts as a hash ref with the keys being the constant names.

Also contains CheckDBErrors, for doing ADO error checking. Pass it the connection object and an empty array ref, as follows:

        CheckDBErrors($Conn, \@DBErrors) or die @DBErrors;

Have fun...


Matt Sergeant,