Анатолий Гришаев
and 1 contributors


Win32::FileFind::FileData - A info about file


    This module is internal and contains all data returned by Win32 function FindFirstFile


    for my $file ( FindFile( './*' )){
        next unless $file->is_entry # skip over '.', '..'
        next if $file->is_hidden; # skip over hidden files
        next if $file->is_system; # etc
        next if $file->is_directory;

        next if $file->ftCreationTime   > time -10; # skip over files created recently
        next if $file->ftLastWriteTime  > time -10; # or $file->mtime
        next if $file->ftLastAccessTime > time -10; # or $file->atime

        my $mtime = $file->mtime->as_double + 1;

        next if $file->FileSize == 0; # 

        print $file, "\n"; # $file->cFileName
        print $file->dosName, "\n";

        my $s = $file->dwFileAttributes; # Get all attribytes


$relName = $fd->relName( $dirname, $path_delimiter )
$bool = $fd->is_temporary
    This is a convinience function what test what dwFileAttributes has FILE_FILE_ATTRIBUTE_TEMPORARY bit set.
$bool = $fd->is_entry
    boolean function that is false for filename equal '.' and '..', otherwise return true.
$bool = $fd->is_ro
    boolean value that file has readonly or hidden attribute
$bool = $fd->is_archive
    file has archive bit set
$bool = is_compressed =item $bool = is_device =item $bool = is_directory same as is_dir =item $bool = is_dir =item $bool = is_file =item $bool = is_encrypted =item $bool = is_hidden =item $bool = is_normal =item $bool = is_not_indexed =item $bool = is_not_content_indexed =item $bool = is_offline =item $bool = is_readonly =item $bool = is_reparse_point =item $bool = is_sparse =item $bool = is_system
    All these properties name by its corresponding attribute


$dword = $fd->dwFileAttributes
    return all FileAttributes in one unsinged integer
$name = $fd->cFileName or fileName or name
    return utf8 name of file ( not set utf8 flag MAY CHANGE)
$dosName = $fd->dosName
    return old 8.3 name if file name is long
$filesize = FileSize
    File size
$time = $fd->ftCreationTime, ftLastWriteTime, ftLastAccessTime
    File's timestamps
nFileSizeHigh, nFileSizeLow, dwReserved0, dwReserved1
    File Raw data