Win32::ProcFarm::Port - manages access to the TCP port for ProcFarm system


        use Win32::ProcFarm::Port;

        $port_obj = Win32::ProcFarm::Port->new(9000, 1);

        print $port_obj->get_port_num;

        $socket = $port_obj->get_next_connection;


Installation instructions

This installs with MakeMaker as part of Win32::ProcFarm.

To install via MakeMaker, it's the usual procedure - download from CPAN, extract, type "perl Makefile.PL", "nmake" then "nmake install". Don't do an "nmake test" because the I haven't written a test suite yet.



The new method creates a new Win32::ProcFarm::Port object (fancy that!). It takes two parameters - the first is the port number to listen on, and the second is the number of listeners to create - this will specify the number of "hold lines" for the port object.


This returns the port number passed in the new method.


This returns the number of listeners created in the new method.


This accepts an inbound connection and returns the socket object. If the inbound connection is not from, the method calls die as this indicates an attempt to hack the system by an external host.